Working with scoped packages like @unitybase/*


All UnityBase packages are stored in the npm registry, so if you type

npm install @unitybase/base

npm can`t found such package because by default it look for packages in the registry

There are several ways to install a package from our registry:

1. Set a registry for every npm install command

npm install @unitybase/base --registry

2. Configure npm to use UnityBase registry for @unitybase & @ub-e scopes

npm config set @unitybase:registry = ""
npm config set @ub-e:registry = ""

3. Add a .npmrc file to the root of your project and set a scope configs there


4. Set a as a default registry for npm

npm set registry

For members of Intecracy group, it is preferable to use the fourth paragraph - so you can install packages from a local network even if there is no Internet connection.

For external users, we recommend creating a .npmrc file. In any case, it is a good idea to put .npmrc to all your projects.

Thanks for @Mystetskyi Vlad for this ideas