Save user authorized content


Hi. After refreshing page all of the content (tabs\auth\open modal windows) has been resets to our start state. How to make possible saving tab content and authorization(or disable authorization window after refresh page, if user has been authorizationed early). Thanks in advance.


You do not need to refresh a page. In case you edit form definition from an Admin UI (Administrator->Forms) your changes are applied automatically - see the source.

In case you edit it in the external editor - use a Ctrl+Alt+C shortcut to clear a form cache (or use a userMenu->Stored data->Clear forms cache).

In case you need to refresh a page and don’t want to waste a time for entering the password there are two options:

  • add a password to defaultPasswordForDebugOnly key of adminUI server config section :
  "uiSettings": {
    "adminUI": {
	"applicationName": "Autotest UB SQLITE",
	"applicationTitle": "AdminUI",
	"defaultPasswordForDebugOnly": "admin",
  • set up a Negotiate authentication and check “Always login by domain” on the Authorization window