How to add text (in runtime) to the adminUI navigation shortcut


How can i modify caption navigation shortcut in runtime? Needed add some text to it and some time change it in some period (few minutes for example) reloading only this menu or shortcut.


You can use a DOM query to search for all navigation shortcuts user currently see on the left panel

var menuNodes = Ext.query('.ub-left-panel .ub_tree_text')
After this iterate over node collection and modify captions you interested on

menuNodes.forEach( function(elm) {
  if (elm.innerText.startsWith('Користувачі')) { 
    elm.innerText = 'Користувічі (10)' 

If you need periodically call a function - do it via [setInterval](

To inject your script into existed application put it inside a `initModel.js` of your model `public` folder


I change caption, but when i click on this menu item it return to original text. How can i avoid this and change it by timer or some else triger?


Yes, as notified above:


Sorry, i write alittle incorrect. I insert this code in initmodel.js use setInreval, but when i click on menu item - i get old text (this text will be changed when time is come).
But this looks bad. If i set small interval - this is too big load on server and client, if i set normal or big interval - user must wait random time (for user this time is random) for update and see new info. Some time this time is too big.