Debug from Chrome DevTools or WebStorm IDE etc


Hi. At current moment i can debug only from Firefox debugger. How to i understand - debug executing via WebSockets. Maybe possible to debug UB applications in Chrome DevTools or WebStorm etc… Or maybe i can run debug from commandline? I integrated gulp - server has been runned on developer machine from gulp, i dont have oportunity to press Ctrl+D from gulp command window. Thanks in advance.


The current implementation uses a TCP socket as a transport for Remote Debugger Protocol commands. Unfortunately, you can’t use a Chrome or WebStorm to debug a UnityBase server, because debugging protocol implemented in Firefox is incompatible with Chrome.

But you can easily connect a FireFox debugger to an already run UB instance without press a Ctrl+D:
0) Launch a FireFox browser

  1. Check Enable Remote Debugging in Firefox DevTool see instruction
  2. Use menu Tools->Web Developer-> Connect… to launch a “Connect to Remote Device…” dialog
    Enjoy debugging

Don’t forget you can pass commands from a debugger console to UB server, for example, to restart server remotely, view a configuration, generate DDL and so on - just switch to Console and type ?: