ClientRequire content with "PATH" parameter


Hi. I have been set “PATH” paramater in ubConfig, because i need URL Rewrite to IIS site (this workstation have many UB sites and i need to call each of this sites as path (localhost/ub - as example (without port and endpoint). But Admin UI have many scripts what have been called such as “/clientRequire/when/es6-shim/Promise.js”, without base path… I need “PATH”/clientRequire/when/es6-shim/Promise.js. How to possible fix this problem? Thanks in advance.


Put a “path” into the config is our architectural mistake, because:

  • this is HTTP.SYS (Windows) feature only
  • it’s broke many WEB conception, like:
  • favicon is requested from the root by default
  • OPTIONS requests if going to site root, not to PATH (for example for WebDAV protocol)
  • we can add SSL certificates only to “IP:port” pair, not to host/path
  • e.t.c

So our recommendation is to avoid using “subsites”(path) and either setup a services on a different ports of different hosts.

For example instead of adding two sites with URLs

it is better to add a

You can setup both to the same IP using %windir%\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file for test purpose.

Another choice is to listen to different ports:

and setup a proxy (HAProxy, nginx, etc) before backends