BUG: Ukrainian dashboard names after apps-autotest deployment, should be in English


UB 4.1.0 beta.5
UBJS 138c0cd24e83fe9b2db9b65857278aa1c396a079 (2017-05-23)


  1. Deploy apps-autotest using instructions from https://git-pub.intecracy.com/unitybase/ubjs#install-windows and https://git-pub.intecracy.com/unitybase/ubjs/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md#setup
  2. Run ub server in apps-autotest folder
  3. Open apps-autotest in browser and login as admin
  4. Check dashboard names in top menu

Actual result:
Some dashboards are displayed in Ukrainian, despite English language is selected

Expected result:
All dashboards are displayed in English if English language is selected



Thanks for finding! Fixed by [fec1d6d4]. Please npm update to latest version.
The problem actually in invalid application configuration in ubConig.json: (application.defaultLang parameter is set to "uk", but in main connection this is not a first (default) language "supportLang": ["en", "uk"],

The fix:

  • in case language for user not stored in uba_user.uData UBConnection will set a
    UBConnection.userLang=appConfig.defaultLang instead of appConfig.supportedLanguages[0]
    witch depends on how languages configured for database connections