BUG: The active part of scrollbars is too narrow


User is viewing the window wich contains the scrollbars

Try using the vertical scrollbar dragging it by the left part of the scrollbar.

Actual result:
Window resizing mode is activated in spite of scrolling the contents of the window
The active zone of the scrollbar is too narrow.

Expected result:
The scrollbar should be dragged by any pixel of its image.


Window resizing is a browser behavior. The same will be in ANY page with a scrollbar. If you fill scrollbar is too narrow there are several choices:

  • use a mouse wheel for scrolling
  • use a browser zoom ( Ctrl + mouse wheel) to increase all UI interface elements


To make my point clear: The scrollbar size is ok, but not all area of it allows to scroll.

The Mouse wheel is an alternative way.
(Also: The keyboard arrows can be used if you will select the element of the grid.)
Besides, using the mouse wheel solves the problem only with vertical scrolling.
The window can contain the report with a big amount of columns, so the user will be needed in the horizontal scroll.
(the Shift+Scroll combination is not trivial for a typical user)

"use a browser zoom ( Ctrl + mouse wheel) to increase all UI interface elements"
IMHO: is not trivial for a typical user too.

Maby the scrollbars annoyance can be eliminated by:
Moving them a bit closer to the centre of the window,
Moving the “Resize action zone” out of borders of the visible part of the window,
(for example, like google chrome window behaviour)